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Detection Dogs

Training Detection dogs is our specialty. At K9 Group Holland we are able to train the dogs for multiple purposes. But especially our Detection dogs are of a world class level.

Our Training ground and our Training plan are fully customized for the training of detection dogs. Detection dogs can be trained multi-purpose (dual purpose dogs) or fit for one purpose, like:

  • Immigration services;
  • Search and rescue;
  • Narcotics detection;
  • Explosives detection (see below).

We also train Terriers (like Jack Russels). These small dogs ar very eager to help you. Because of their size they are very suitable for searching in small area’s like containers or cargo.

* Explosives detection

There are two types of training for Explosives detection dogs:

  • Cargo;
  • I.E.D.
Explosives detection type 1: Cargo

With the Cargo training dogs are able to find explosives in suitcases, containers and so on. These dogs are very suitable for airport services.

Explosives detection type 2: I.E.D.

I.E.D. stands for Improvised Explosive Device. An example of a I.E.D. is a roadside bomb.
Dogs learn how to find and recognize an I.E.D., this is a more specialized training. Also the dog handler has extra training to learn more about how a bomb works. So the dog and his handler fully operate as one finding these very treacherous explosives.

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