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4 step training program

We train our dogs in a 4 step training program. With this program we have been successful for years and we deliver the best detection dogs in the world.

Step 1: selection

Before we start the training, we first make a selection. To determine whether a young dog is suitable for training, we perform some exercises and test with him. If the dog passes these exercises, a pilot week will follow.

In this pilot week we determine whether a dog is really suitable for the real thing. The tests and exercises are more detailed. If the dog passes this test week, a full medical examination will follow, including x-rays.
If the result is positive, then step 2 can begin.

Step 2: Training

K9 Group Holland has its own training ground, this is where the training starts. Here we can train the dogs for multiple purposes.

In our training facility we first learn the dogs the basics. We have different situations or training ground set ups, so the dogs learn to cope with changing circumstances.

After the training on-site, we go off-site. We have agreements with different companies so the dogs experiences different conditions on location. For example: Construction sites, harbours, transport companies (warehouses).

Has the dog completed his training? The next step is transport to the customer, if needed to meet his dog handler.

Step 3: Training the dog handler

The next step is to train the dog handler, so the dog becomes the partner of the dog.
Training the dog handler together with his dog can be done on-site at our training ground or on-site at the customer (for example the country of destination).

Training the dog handler basically consists of three steps:

  1. Practical and theoretical training, including learning the Dutch commands;
  2. Training the dog and the dog handler in the dogs specialties;
  3. Exams, and if successfully completed with a graduation where the handler receives a certificate.

Step 4: Maintanance

If the dog and his handler are active in the field, it is good to keep training his skills. K9 Group Netherlands offers various ways of maintance to keep the dog optimally employable.
You can think of, for example, refresher courses or new developments to find specific substances.

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